Choosing to Live

You’re just living your life your life to the fullest, being your best self, leaving a legacy when you go, right?

Well isn’t that what every one is doing these days? According to social media anyway. Personally, I find that these things are easier said than done.

Recently I was watching an episode of Star Trek: TNG where an alien species kills members of their society at age sixty. 60! So regardless of


health, vitality or contribution to society they would not live beyond their sixtieth birthday.

Can you imagine? Frankly it got me thinking.

If I knew to the hour and the minute when I was going to die would I continue living my life as I am now? The honest answer is no. I’m not doing all that I can with my potential. I know I’m not. I am able to help more people but I don’t. I should travel more but I don’t. I can’t even think of a good reason why I’m not.

So today I’m choosing to change the direction which my life is heading.

I choose to write at least one paragraph a day. I know that seems like a small goal but every little bit does add up.

What about you? What choice can you make today that will get you the results that you want? Share them here or join me on Instagram to continue the conversation @theeunicepl