Dear Last First- About My Defenses

Dear Last First,

I’m sure you have noticed that I am very guarded. I like to think that I keep my heart in an ivory tower surrounded by a moat behind an impossibly high wall. Experience with previous first has thought me extreme caution.

Be patient with me when my sarcasm is the first thing I respond with. Be kind when I open up. Be honest in your interest. Be open with me and I’ll be the same with you. Share with me your ups and downs so we can learn how we’ll be when times are rough.

I find that I am afraid at the thought of letting someone in and being taken advantage of.

Getting me to let my guard down is not an impossible task. If you are open and willing to work to get to know me this could be great. I promise you won’t have to scale the wall or fight dragons. I’ll climb down the tower stairs, lower the drawbridge and open the gates to let you in.

Hopefully, all my defenses don’t scare you away.

Be safe. I can’t wait to meet you!

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