Dear Last First Date

Dear Last First Date, let’s do something fun for our first date. Let’s go somewhere we can talk to each other without too many distractions. Let’s do something that requires movement. Maybe a hike or mini golf or even a city treasure hunt?

Dear Last First Date be open and honest and allow me to be the same. Let’s take a chance that this could be the last time either of us has to be this vulnerable with someone new.

Dear Last First Date tell me a joke. Make me laugh, share your humor with me, maybe even laugh at my jokes. They may be tired or even lame but that’s what I find funny. Don’t turn the joke on me and my laughing at me or making fun of the things that make me smile.

Dear Last First Date when the date is over let me know where I stand. Tell me you enjoyed my company don’t make me wonder if the spark was there for you too. Dear Last First Date let’s be open to the possibility of forever. Let’s agree to let this be what it will be. Dear Last First Date, let’s make our first date A night to remember. After all, we will be telling that story for years to come.

Be safe I can’t wait to meet you.

FIrst Date

To My Forever Guy

Dear Next First:

Here are some things I’d like you to know. Actually, no. This is for my last first. The man who will make it so I don’t need any other first times with anyone else. Last First Date, Last First Kiss, Last First Time anything. The next first may not be the one so I’m not speaking to him.


last first