Red Rage- A Short Story

She stared at the man across from her.  In his grey off rack suit she found he was interesting. No, not really interesting. Unassuming. That was it. He was very unassuming. The kind of man you wouldn’t remember if asked to describe him. He was nothing like her husband, ex husband, former husband? She wasn’t sure what to call him but he was nothing like Charlie.

Charlie and his toothy grin and sweet sugar coated words.The more he spoke to her the more his unceasing questions caused her to think of Charlie. Her handsome, rotten, lying Charlie. Charlie who sent her a text just that morning claiming he couldn’t wait to see her. Said he had big  plans for when she got home tomorrow. Her husband who must have been exhausted from his previous nights activities when he sent that message and probably had not received the email with her flight change. She thought of how excited she was to go home to her loving, doting husband. Thought of how widely she’d smiled when she received that message.

A smile that did not last when she walked into her bedroom and saw her husband and that woman in her bed together. The more she thought of the rage that consumed her the more her sight was clouded with a rage filled blood lust.

The rage she felt just became red. Red hot betrayal. Branding her very soul. Crashing into her and completely taking over her very reason.

“Do you hear me Mrs. Cooper?” She felt herself being pulled out of her daze.

“Yes detective. I hear you.”

She looked down at her hands and realized she still had blood under her nails. On her clothes. All of it so very red. She wasn’t sure how much of it was Charlie’s and how much was that woman’s. She’d always hated the way she looked in red.

“Will you be calling my lawyer or shall I be allowed to call him myself.”

“Is that all you have to say for yourself?”

“Yes. Unless I can clean up first?”bloody_crown_by_jhontatan-d6eha3n

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